Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting Lunch...yummy

Am relaxing at home enjoying my lunch ...ummm what am i having ugali, cabbage and fried fish.It touches my heart so much when i get satisfied and enjoying food while dozens of thousands of people are languishing and facing death due to lack of food.

Am amazed with how what we can term "small things or ideas" which can change the life and touch someones heart.

over the past month, Lahash international organised what was termed rice and beans month to reach out to kids around East Africa to get food on their tables.Its amazing yeah this is what i term life changing ideas i salute Dan and Erin ,Lahash staff (Casey family,Nickson 's family,Edwin family (Kenya)leisha (Tanzania) and Lahash friends and partners all over the world.

I participated and this amazing experience and it touched touched my heart in a very different way of understanding and being part of what others are going through.

I am going through a novel:THE SHARK and one of the phrase i picked and touched my heart is this one...... "Two roads diverged in the middle of my life i heard a wise man say i took the road less traveled by and that's made the difference every night and every day".

This rice and beans month it was like the last option of a person choosing to help and reach out to East Africa children but yet it has make a Big difference in every night and every day of the kids in Africa.

May God bless you for taking part to participate in this rice and beans month.

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