Friday, April 30, 2010

haki iwe ngao na mlinzi.

justice be our shield and defender.

Praise be to God in the highest.I just want to thank God for the great opportunity that he gave on to me to be part of the entire Grace and Healing Ministry family for the last Three or so moths.God has been great and for real i have got to learn,experience and expand my scope of dealing with different peopele around the world.

Beautiful faces all smily and shining faces are the ones that i have been looking each day the sun rises in the morning till the sun set.Families are facing uphill and children complaining of hunger but not even single day i have had to hear or see that they were not happy!

Being in Dodoma,Tanzania i have come to face another world of poverty and difficulties faced life by thousands of people who are staying or living in Dodoma.

Having participated in home visits and also hospital visits i have come to see what i couldnt believe that one day i will be facing the reality as i am facing it right now.Shanty houses,unclean water,no food and general poor living conditions are some of the things that is spoken of this place but one has to be a witness of it to believe what is facing our people here and beyond and Africa as a whole.

Chatting with Bishop Amos Muhagachi one day he usually tells me facts about Poverty in Africa and i came to believe so when he said,"if one has to face the reality of poverty in Africa or in this part of the world he/she has to come and visit two places just go to Kibera- the largest slum in Africa or come to the slums of Dodoma and you will get to understand what is the clear indication of povery in Africa"

Recently we did food distribution in a place called Ipagala in the outskirts of Dodoma and i was so pleased and touched by this small baby still suckling her mums milk and doesnt no or understand the hardshing of what her mum is going through.Baby Thomas is charming and gets satisfied with the little being offered to him and yet he remains calm and quite all the time.

The story of Mama Thomas goes beyond my imagination and point of thinking.she works in a small restuarant and her work is to ensure that the restuarant gets warter filled in a barrel all day long.She struggles to take care of her family although infected and living with Hiv/aids she fight and struggles for thirty thousand Tanzania shillings about 25$ in a month to take care of her family.

We have to stand up and speak and let us be the ambassadors to help reach out share the love christ in us with others.

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